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Technical service

  Technical services:
  Company set inside, external thread machining tools, gauges, and internal and external thread detection technology at an organic whole, form a complete set inside in the domestic leading position in the industry. Different parts of the established a nationwide marketing network, has a sound sales service system and technical service system.
  Customer service:
  Companies adhere to the "meet customer, continuous improvement" quality policy, providing customers with professional thread workers gauge technical support and services
  - provide the selection of thread cutting, improve the service
  Cutting tool selection: based on the processed materials, processing equipment, also meet the requirements of the precision of screw thread, to provide customers with the appropriate thread cutting tool; Choosing appropriate thread machining process parameters, coolant, improve quality and efficiency of the cutting tool improvement program.
  - provide the design of the screw thread gauge, cycle appraisal services
  The thread gauge design and evaluation: according to the customer provide the thread parameters of screw thread gauge for their design. Provide thread parameter test specification, the period of the thread gage verification.
  - provide thread processing and testing personnel training services
  Staff training: provides the choice and use of thread cutting (tap, die, screw rolling wheel) technical training; Provide the thread gauge technical training in the use, debugging and verification; With special thread detection technology services.