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AVIC Electromechanical peak through the corporate culture st

  AVIC peak through the enterprise culture construction site audit standards. December 2, 2015, AVIC Electromechanical Systems Co., Ltd. Enterprise Culture compliance audit team under the leadership of a full head of Hood, party of four of the Matterhorn corporate culture AVIC-site compliance audits. The audit team evaluated according to management, relevant content content evaluation, evaluation of the effect of the three systems were examined. The audit team believes AVIC Matterhorn attention to corporate culture, earnestly implement the decisions of the Party Group of China Aviation Industry Group on cultural construction, cultural construction and actively practice AVIC Electromechanical Systems Platform, according to "unite and struggle, realistic and innovative" spirit of the Matterhorn, around the "careful attitude, delicate process, quality results", and actively build in line with China Aviation Industry Hongfeng actual "precise culture", the Matterhorn cultural system formed a consensus of all employees, cultural construction and achieved good results. Tight through the day of the audit, the audit team announced: through the culture of compliance certification on-site audit.