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AVIC Matterhorn quality theme Gala held

  To tie Hongfeng company in 2015, "quality of the revitalization of" work by Hongfeng company unions and mass jointly organized by "promoting quality culture, and strengthen quality awareness" quality theme Gala, on November 3 19:00, in The company held the third floor conference room.

  A total of 10 programs 15 units participated in the show, San Juban, music poetry recitation, melodrama, Allegro dance, comedy and other forms of full debut, after a fierce competition for each team, the final two workshops should select the piece "Taps rivalry" and manufacturing, finance, transportation joint should select the sitcom "safety and quality, efficiency, who first" won the first prize and the second prize.

  By conducting this event, not only to strengthen the quality awareness of employees, and promote a culture of quality for the company's "quality of the revitalization of" laid the cultural foundation.
  Company leaders, middle-level cadres, all inspectors and team leader totaling a hundred people watched the performance.