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AVIC Hongfeng out the "strict right to use" Seminar

  October 26 Japan-China Aviation Industry Hongfeng company leadership organized "three strict three real" third "strict right to use" special study of the issues. First team members to own "strict right to use" knowledge and understanding, individual in "strict right to use" the existence of problems and directions for future efforts to take turns speaking. Last used "in the transformation and upgrading of the plant, the cadres can not play, do not want to play, lazy, casual, drag, focus and so the result is not ideal, to talk about how they 'strict to use right', the courage to play" as the theme to start a free discussion.

  Pre-company leadership team members in the evening of October 15 carried out a focus on learning, general manager, Mrs years, party secretary Zhao Jinjun, the Discipline Committee Chen learned far more than were brought "speech Xi Jinping in Jilin research when" "the general secretary Xi Jinping at the center Political Bureau of the 26th meeting of the speech, "" Liu Yunshan deepening 'three strict three real' speech symposium on education, "" People's Daily commentator's article, rooted foundation, straighten the spiritual backbone - study and implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping practicing 'three strict three real' new requirements '' for 'strict to use right' of some of the important expositions "" Electrical Company 'three strict three real' will promote, Wang Jian, chairman of "Li roots and reinforce fine grasp realistically to the Director-General the results of testing the effectiveness of special education entrepreneurship "," etc., as the symposium laid the theoretical foundation.

  October 26th the company held a "strict right to use" the symposium, attended leadership workshops for all members, was chaired by the party secretary Zhao Jinjun. Before the symposium, the first by the party secretary Zhao Jinjun collar learned "General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on September 11," an important spiritual and "Comrade Liu Yunshan important speech on September 21," the original.
  Anson was first to speak at the seminar, he noted that the right of the people, the power to run in the sun, for civil rights, before they make the courage to play, the power to run in the sun, before they make a personal clean. We, as state-owned enterprises leading cadres, especially in a competitive incentive tool industry, certainly from my start, give us the platform of the party and workers, employees give us confidence, we must adhere to practical viewpoint, the viewpoint of the masses treat the cause and performance, always keep pragmatic work style. To carry forward the courage to come forward, the difficulties, the courage to assume responsibility, to tackle tough, focus on development, perseverance implement, continue to break the bottleneck of the development, to promote the company to upgrade and enhance the overall performance aspects continue to make new contribution. At the same time control "three strict three real" requirement to find itself "strictly no real" performance, and identify corrective measures and corrective direction.
  At the seminar, the four team members one by one to speak clearly about the company party, "Understanding, talk about problems, talk about the rectification direction," the title, the exchange of personal "strict right to use" thought control "strictly untrue" six phenomenon, seriously find "strictly untrue," the problem of their own existence, and rectification of clear direction. They have said, "Yan to use the right" to establish a correct outlook on power, there must be a sense of responsibility, with the right to be in accordance with regulations, should consciously accept supervision, and strive to use rights according to law, with the right scientific, fair use rights.
  Finally, the party secretary, Comrade Zhao Jinjun statement, he pointed out that "right" is the party and the people, to the Director General. As a cadre, "Yan to Slim" is the foundation, is this; "exercise self-discipline" is for their own requirements; "strict right to use" is to serve the employees. "Yan to use right" focuses on "strict" word, to be under the sun off with a right, fair and just with the right, the courage to let people evaluate the courage to accept supervision. Meanwhile checked against their "lax false" questions and rectification of their own direction.
  The next stage should continue to study and carry out the work, learn "Xi Jinping talk of governance", "Xi Jinping on clean government and combat corruption discourse excerpts", "Xi Jinping on excerpts discussed comprehensively deepen reforms" and a series of general secretary Xi Jinping speech .
  Leaders listed individual "strictly untrue" problem and corrective measures, to a list, according to the node for rectification, effectively will find out rectification "strictly untrue" issues as the focus of future work, learning and reform, enact legislation to change, the real rectification carried out, it will be the "three strict three real" standard control their own "two programs a plan" to carry out "look back", to find the gap, so that the masses of workers to see the changes.
  Actively carry out the "three strict three solid" feature of democratic life and thematic organization of life, etc., will be the topic of education with the company's production and management together, combined with the leading cadres, to do special education with the company's production and management of organic combined, mutual promotion and both hands, correct. Promote the company's production and management work smoothly.