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The development course


  March 1971 marked the Matterhorn main plant groundbreaking birth
  September 1971 trial out of machine tap, round Banya and Φ1.5 drill, to the National twenty-two anniversary gift
  April 1975 completed the M2 × 0.4 threaded ring, 0 —— 500mm height gauge, Φ0.5 center, three new drill
  April 1979 steam treatment process to obtain 012 new base and technological achievements prize
  June 1979 for the first time to participate in Canton, send exhibition of products from 0 to 300 height gauge, height gauge from 0 to 600, Φ2 —— Φ6 straight shank twist drill, Φ2 —— Φ6 left straight shank twist drill, M2 —— M16 machine tap
  December 1979 Manufacturing Taps British company in Hong Kong according to Jia, drill 478,000. Factory products into the international market for the first time
  June 1980 determined to be inside the factory beacon Thread Tools Specialized Factory
  In October 1980 the factory produced M2 —— M10 machine tap, Φ6 the following drill was named the Ministry of quality award
  September 1983 Factory products M2, M2.2, M2.5 three specifications machine with a small tap was awarded the Ministry of Aviation Industry "quality products" and the title of Shaanxi Province, "quality products" title
  December 1983 was awarded the State Economic Commission, "Outstanding New Product Certificate" and dragon medal
  December 1984 factory goods φ2 —— φ6mm twist drill was awarded the Ministry of Aviation Industry "quality products" title
  February 1987 screw production line construction
  October 1989 review by the two state enterprises, the State Economic and Trade Commission granted the title of my factory state enterprises
  March 1995 production line technological transformation Taps
  February 1998 completed the process developed for the 301 Aviation Corporation issued common thread flows 300m steel wire wheels and 300m steel processing machine and hand taps aviation technology standards, and this project to fill the gaps, was named 012 base "scientific progress" prize
  December 2001 passed the ISO9000 quality system certification
  January 2004 military ball screw successful trial
  Obtained in September 2005 three accreditation secrecy, military secrecy included in Shaanxi Province Directory of qualifications
  January 2007 to complete the preparation of a joint enterprise standard "American unified thread gauge"
  March 2007 oil pipe thread gauge, carbide taps successful trial
  May 2007 Oil pipe thread gauge by the United States API logo certification
  March 2009 was Hanzhong City People's Government awarded the "2008 industrial economy advanced enterprises"
  March 2010, "Matterhorn maps, text" trademark in Shaanxi Province
  August 2010 prepared in collaboration with the 301 "American standard thread gauge joint enterprise standard" for AVIC Science and Technology Progress Award
  In May 2012 to obtain "adjustable thread ring gauge" patent
  June 2014 to obtain "one kind of wedge self-locking screw gauge" patent
  July 2014 made "for the detection of graphite electrodes taper thread threaded plug" patent