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Leadership speech

  Shaanxi Aero Hongfeng Precision Machinery Tools Company under the China Aviation Industry Corporation electromechanical system, is China's aviation industry only thread tool research and production base.
  The company's main products are precision stainless steel measuring tools, screw measuring tools, ball screw and the like. Variety: the whole ground straight groove Taps, Taps spiral groove, Lo pointed Taps, extrusion tap, thread milling, chaser, rolling wheels, die cutting tools and other products and thread common thread gauge thread gauge interference, trapezoidal thread gauge, serrated thread gauge, wire thread insert thread gauges, pipe thread gauge, adjustable thread ring gauge, oil industry dedicated thread ring gauge, plug and smooth ring gauge, plug and other threaded measuring products, covers over thread standards: GB, beacons, military standard, machine standard, American Standard, American Standard, the British standard, German standard, Japanese standard, the Russian standard, API standards. In the thread measuring tools, precision measuring tools, ball screw deputy of the development, production has accumulated rich experience.
  Four decades, the Matterhorn tool always adhere to the "aviation-oriented, market-oriented, technology based, quality service," the purpose, with sophisticated aviation industry technology, excellent technology equipment, advanced detection means innovation, expand its products. Providing high-quality services for many domestic and foreign manufacturers. Products sell well in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, more than thirty countries and regions, at home and abroad.
  Thanks for four decades old and new customer care and support, but also for my company faster and better sustainable development, Shaanxi aviation Hongfeng Precision Machinery Tools company will be people-oriented, innovation as the source, quality as the basis, to thread Tools as the main ball screw and stainless steel measuring their radiation for the two wings, and the international and domestic markets. Establish main businesses, strong core competencies, competitive advantages are obvious modern first-class enterprise. The company is willing to cooperate in good faith with the domestic and foreign enterprises, the spirit of "first-class quality, customer first" philosophy, for domestic and foreign customers to provide better products and services.